Friday, May 12, 2017

A couple of blessings

It was a funny sort of Friday. One boy was sick, one didn't come, and so we borrowed Baby to hang out with the girls. After a morning of outdoor play and getting the last of the Mother's Day crafts wrapped, we had lunch and Kara went off to pre-school. Shay and Sweet Pea played while Baby napped and before you knew it, it was time for Shay to go home and we needed to go pick up Pretty Girl from school. 

The sun was out and these two sweet blessings asked if we could go play at the playground. So we did. While Pretty Girl played with her friends, these girls played and climbed. 

And they loved the slide!  I think that that pictures are so deceiving. Sweet Pea is six pounds heavier and two inches taller than her cousin, but you would never know that from looking at this. I just love their cheesy smiles!

Baby was so impressed that she could climb up the "dinosaur bones."  Her words, not mine....and they were both up and down a multitude of times. I love how they encourage one another. 

Those clouds were just as ominous as they appear.  We played for almost an hour before the thunderstorm arrived. 

They both are old enough for the "big girl swings."  And they both loved swinging. Don't you love that they are both wearing hearts on their shirts today?

Those clouds in the distance were packed full of rain and hail. And thunder and lightening. 

And just before the rain started, they both decided that they needed to climb up onto the intermediate playground. Baby went down the big slide, whereas Sweet Pea refused and was actually climbing back down when I took this picture. She's a hit or miss.....sometimes she will go down the big slides, and sometimes she won't. They really are both a bit too brave in my opinion, especially the littlest one. 

Funny story.  Pretty Girl has a friend in her class with the same name as Baby....and we all know that it isn't the most common name.  When I introduced the older girl to Baby, she said "No" and refused to believe that was her name. After a few minutes, she finally processed it and you could tell that she was rather pleased. When I dropped her off back at home, I told her to tell her Mom about the other girl with the same name as her. And as she was telling her, she told her quite matter-of-factly, "And I said no about that!" Like where does some of her language come from?! She made us laugh. 

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