Thursday, May 25, 2017

A morning walk

We decided not to go to the library this morning. The weather was so pleasant and to be honest, we really don't like the guy that's been doing Storytime lately. He's got as much personality as a wet noodle......his voice is monotone and he always gets upset with the children when they don't listen. I always wonder why he even does it, as he sure doesn't appear to enjoy it. At all. 

And so we went out for a neighbourhood walk to see if the horses were out. They weren't in their usual spot but we were able to walk over to the front of the farm and we could see them from a distance. 

The children were all very happy to look at them from afar. We looked for a bit and then went across the street to see if we could find some ducks.

Miracle #3 saw a duck and ten ducklings when she left my house yesterday. She had to stop and let them go across the street. 

So we went to try and find them.  Unfortunately, they were no where to be found, but everyone still liked to look into the water. We saw a few fish, but that was it. 

We walked home a different way than we came, which took us through the walkway. They all thought it was so fun to climb on the fence!

Preston is just a little bit to short to get up, and that was okay by me, but he really wanted to join in.  

So I went to help him and hold him. He chipped his tooth at the park on Tuesday and then bumped his chin on a table yesterday. He has a great big bandaid on his chin that doesn't show up in the picture, but he needs to be extra careful.  I know it's just his age, but he's just a bit too accident prone this week!

It was so cute when Baby decided to take care of her friend.  And he allowed her to hold his hand most of the way home.

I always feel so proud when they listen and cooperate. We all had lots of fun this morning!

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