Saturday, May 27, 2017

At the ball field

We spend quite a few hours at the ball field in the Spring, but this morning was the first time that it was warm enough to apply sunscreen.  Grandson played so well today......he hit a stand up triple and he was so exciting to watch. And it probably would have been a home run if the girl in front of him didn't run so slow, but that's okay.  He had 3 RBI's, and that was almost as good. 

I love how excited the children get to run the dragon race at the end of the game. If there were marks given out on effort and enthusiasm, then my favourite grandson would definitely get an A+.  He is #11, waiting for the ball pass-off.

He tries so hard and runs so fast around those bases. Here he is running to give the ball to #4 who is waiting for him at the base.  

You would never know that they had just won the game 16-9, for the amount of cheering that goes on as everyone has their turn to run around the bases.

I love this!  Can you see Grandson in mid-jump?  So excited that his team wins the dragon race!

More cheering and throwing hats in the air!  Seven, eight and nine year olds are very entertaining.

So happy and proud! We love him to the moon and back again!

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