Monday, May 29, 2017

Playing and learning

When their friends went to sleep this morning, I pulled out the pegboards for Baby and Isaac. They were so happy!

These two get along really well. It's because Isaac is so easy-going, but it's fun to teach them and listen to them converse. Baby chats constantly. Isaac, not as much.  But he does add to conversation when he is able.

We talked about colours, shapes, sizes, differences and we counted and sorted some pegs. They were totally engaged. 

They were having so much fun putting the pegs in and taking them out. They also liked to spin them.

So good for their fine motor control. This activity lasted for almost an hour, as they were more than happy to make more than one picture. 

Such sweet little cousins. Playing, learning and making pegboard pictures.

I asked them to show me a blue peg. So they did. Isaac liked that he showed me a light blue peg and Baby had a dark blue one.

So pleased with her finished product!

And he was very happy as well!

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