Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our morning

As usual, we we were early for MyGym this morning. We took advantage of a quick photo-op. They all love this monkey named Mymo as soon as we come into the lobby of the building. 

This is how they posed themselves. All I asked them to do was stand in front of the picture of the monkey. So this is what they did. It's too bad that Lukas moved and he's not looking, but he is definitely posing.

All of the children love the ball pit. Sweet Pea got in and requested for me to take her picture. So I did. 

They had turns on the zip line today.  They were all listening to their instructions so well.

It was a small group today, even though we were only missing three little ones. Miracle #3 didn't come because Baby had a slight fever yesterday. She was being very pro-active by keeping her home......just in case it materializes into something else. 

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