Monday, May 8, 2017

New hat

Well, I think that this is the first time this year that we received two days in a row without rain. Seriously.

Finn got a new hat. It's really cute and he doesn't take it off. He usually has sunglasses too, but I think that his new hat makes it so that he doesn't need them as badly. Have you ever noticed that about blue-eyed people?  They seem to be more sensitive to the sunlight. 

He smiles every single time that I point my phone at him. And waits for me to take his picture. Such a cute little face!

He also never stops talking. "I do it" and "I want it" are two of his favourite things to say. He is very "two years old" right now and we are working on sharing and taking turns. He certainly does have a mind of his own.....and it is really neat to see his little personality shine. His Mom tells him that he is very bossy, but we also admire his awesome leadership skills.

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