Wednesday, June 14, 2017


These two little people were looking for ants today. They aren't really too hard to find, and they were having fun catching them and observing them.

All of the children are very kind to all living creatures. Even the ants get treated kindly. They have all been taught that we are only allowed to step on them and kill them if they are in the house. If they are outside, then we try to be gentle. Sweet Pea was really interested in the tiny little sand ants. 

Here she is, showing me the ant in her hand. Yes, I am very aware that I cannot see the ant. But she can, and while I snapped the picture, that was what was important to her

So we tried again, but she really didn't want to take her focus off of the ant. Trying so hard to look at me, but she really just wanted to watch the ant. 

Take 3!  Oh, I love her to the moon and back again!

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