Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday, continued

They made their own balance beam. 

Baby kept saying, "Wings out!"

They were pretending that it was a car and they were going for a ride. These two have great imaginations. 

She. Never. Stops. Talking.  Here she is telling me all about Chester at the Aquarium. This little almost-3 year old just needs to hear her voice. If she isn't talking, then she is usually singing. 

This little three year old had way too much fun climbing and participating. We learned a couple of weeks ago that we don't have a spot at MyGym for Fall.  They informed us that their classes are filling up and our time slot is no longer available. We are all very disappointed and hoping that another time opens up but it's not looking like it at this point. We are all so sad because we all love it so much. We are looking into other options but it really is the best venue in Maple Ridge for our age group. 


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