Saturday, June 24, 2017

Exciting morning!

Grandson's team made to the finals in their division and they played the Dodgers this morning. It was hot and sunny!

Grandson played an exceptional game.  Here he is hitting the ball out to center field. He got to second base on the play and advanced his teammate to third base. 

When he played first base, he was ready and focused. The ball is in his glove and it was an out at first.  I didn't get a picture when he caught the fly.....and it was three out for the other team. The score was 0-0 until the bottom of the fourth inning and the other team hit a run home to make it a 1-0 final.  It was a really good game and it was too bad that one team had to lose. 

The Athletics got 2nd place in their division. It was a hard fought battle and so fun to watch. 

Grandson received player of the game. He was so excited and so happy!

The sun was in the wrong spot and I have really shaded faces. But you can still see how excited and proud that my favourite grandson was. SIL coached another excellent season!

Again, I was standing in the wrong spot and the sun was shining through the trees. Hopefully, someone else has a better picture. I'm sure there were at least 20 other people taking this. What a fun time!

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