Monday, June 26, 2017

A request

I had a request from Preston's mom today to send her a few pictures of Preston at Daycare. She was making him a book and wanted to be able to include his friends. More importantly, she wanted a picture of me and Preston......and she said a selfie would be just fine. 

She actually requested this of me a couple of months ago because he had been sent to speech therapy and his therapist told them to make up a picture book for him. All she really wanted was a picture of me.......and I didn't do it. I didn't really forget, but she didn't pursue it and then Preston started saying words and I just figured they didn't need it any more. I won't lie....I just really don't like getting my picture taken. And now that a few months have gone by and they have been using photo books, they have been working so well in teaching him words. So, fast-forward a few months and Preston needs more books to teach him more words. 

I looked through the past few months and I had couple of dozen or more pictures to send, but I didn't really have a lot of him with his friends. So I took out my phone after we picked up the after-schoolers and we concentrated on taking some Daycare pictures. 

He was actually very cooperative and we got a few cute photos. He really likes Baby Aubrie and is usually not very far away from her if they are here on the same day. 

Finn is is 3 and a half months older than Preston. 

Preston outweighs his friend Finn by almost 10 pounds.

Jade was so helpful with getting the little ones in the photos.

Preston's mom was so happy with the pictures of her little guy and his buddies. 

And I did take some selfies, but I am obviously not very good at it because I wasn't happy with any of them. So I asked Jade to take a pic and I think she did really well. But when you have one almost 2-year old on your lap, there is a really good chance another 2 year old might feel like he needs to come and sit on your lap too.  That's what happened today and I was very pleased with the result. Unfortunately, it's not what we were asked for so we will try again another day.

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