Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yesterday was one of those days that started out well and ended well. Everyone was in pretty good moods and they all cooperated and played so nicely. 

These three cousins make my heart smile. They all love each other so much and it's so sweet to watch their little personalities develop day by day. They are all very good friends. 

Baby will often come with me from our school drop off when we head over to MyGym for 9 o'clock. 

I love them to the moon and back again!

Five little monkeys swinging and hanging. This was the first thing that they all decided to do as they walked/ran through the gate.

I love Circle Time. Teacher McKenna was leading them while they were warming up their muscles. 

Tummy time. They all listen to the rules.....this is something that they do at the beginning of every class. 

The children played hide and seek together. One of the teachers was going to go and hide so they all covered their eyes and counted to 25. So fun!

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