Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer baseball

Guess who's playing Summer baseball this year?  You guessed it, it's my favourite grandson. He was very excited and a little bit nervous for his first game last night but he did very well!

He starts the season in a local tournament which is a great way to jell as a team and get to know one another. It all only started to come together last weekend, and after only three practices they looked pretty good out there. Obviously, there were some errors.......but it's called mini-mosquito and so it's a level up from tadpole. They are allowed to steal bases and run on overthrows so it's different from the regular season. And it's five innings of pitching......which certainly slows the game down but it was still very fun to watch. They only played three innings because of the time, and Grandson got a great hit out past second base and he struck out on his second time at bat. 

He's very pleased that one of his good friends from his class is playing with him. These two have been friends since kindergarten.  

They are called the Royals. And yes, his Dad is helping as an assistant coach. It's looking to be a very fun July!  I'm really happy and excited as I just love to watch the blessings in all of their activities!

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