Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The group activity at MyGym was a lot of fun this morning.  But then again, it always is. A lot of fun, that is. They have done this before and the children love it!  It's called "The Big Breeze."

Here they are.  Waiting and anticipating for what's to come. Do you see all of the scarves in front of the children?

The big foam block comes down in front of them and blows them up and over and into their faces. 

And they just love it!!! I know that you can only see a few of their expressions, but I think you can tell how happy and excited that they are. 

I think that they did it a half a dozen times or so. And it never gets old. The children are more than happy to help pick up the scarves and lay them out in front of them again. 

It's so fun to listen to them giggle and squeal in anticipation of what's to come. 

It was another successful Wednesday morning at MyGym. We all love it so much!!

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