Friday, June 9, 2017

The last few days

It was so so so so hot on Wednesday and it took some convincing on these boys' part for me to take them outside at the end of the day. 

I'm glad that I did as they really enjoyed their play time. They rode their bikes and scooters until their parents came to pick them up. Little Lukas watched them from the ride-on car.

He wore his sunglasses all day long. Two year olds are funny. 

It rained all day yesterday, which was very refreshing. But it made us all happy to get out for a walk this morning because it was so nice. We didn't find any horses or ducks but the children watched a northern flicker on a telephone pole for a bit. And we we heard a braying donkey and the horses in the barn, but we couldn't see any of them.

This is just before we went to pick up Pretty Girl from school. There was a revolving door of children today. These are my blonde blue-eyed beauties. 

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