Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dance recital

It was Sweetheart's dance recital today. She had a show at 2 and another at 6:30, so she was a very busy girl today. They left the ball field in Albion at noon and had to be in Port Coquitlam for 1 o'clock. We took Baby with us so that she could have a nap and attend this evening's performance while SIL and Grandson headed off to a baseball wind-up.  #3 and Sweetheart spent all afternoon and evening at the theatre. 

She wasn't very receptive about getting her picture taken just after 9 o'clock tonight, but they turned out pretty good. She is extremely photogenic. 

She is so fun to watch. She knows all the steps and is just the cutest little tap-dancer! And she loves her flowers. 

Smiling for Daddy...and the promise of a treat. 

We love her to the moon and back again!

Auntie J came to watch her recital. 

Family picture. Not too bad for a bunch of exhausted people. It was a very very busy Saturday, starting with a 10 o'clock ball game in 29 degrees. And ending just after 9 pm at Sweetheart's dance recital. The only one in this picture that slowed down for a bit in the afternoon was Baby, and the rest of them were on the go. Everyone was yawning in the theatre.....I am sure that they will all sleep well tonight. 

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