Saturday, June 17, 2017

Softball Closing Day

We started our Saturday morning at the softball field for a 9:30 am game.

First up were the Batgirls. Sweetheart really enjoyed her first season of softball, and she learned a lot. We always had a little chuckle as she spent lots of time in the field chewing on her glove. Apparently, her Daddy used to do the very same thing when he played. 

She learned how to hit that ball really well off of the T. And because she played first base this morning, she got lots of catching and throwing in.  I love watching the children run the dragon race at the end of the game.....I really think it's their favourite part of the whole game. 

They all received medals and they were all very pleased. There are a couple of girls missing, but the ones who were there had a great morning! Our emotional little one cried because she doesn't want softball to be over.

Showing off her softball medal! Still a bit teary-eyed. 

Our second game of the morning started at 11 o'clock, with the Heat. One family was leaving as the other one was arriving, and they even played on the very same field. Pretty Girl loves playing ball, and at her level they start the season with the T but by the end they are all getting pitched to by their coach. She had two great hits today, one was right out to center field. It was a perfect day for ball as it was cloudy and warm. 

Again, they are all just so excited to run the dragon race at the end of the game. 

DIL coached Pretty Girl for the third year and she did great. Her assistant wasn't there today and she was missing three girls. But these guys had a super season!

Pretty Girl, showing off her new softball medal!

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