Monday, July 10, 2017

Perfect morning!

It was a little bit cloudy this morning, and it made for perfect weather to head to the local school/park. There is lots of shade as well as sun, but I always forget that it's also a location where there is a group daycare on premise. So there are lots of children, but they are controlled and supervised. My guys played on the equipment for a bit but they really do prefer the stumps and grass. It worked out well because all of the others were wanting the slides and climbers. 

Aubrie doesn't like to stay still for very long, so this was the best that I could do with all four little ones. She was trying so hard to break free from Lucas and Isaac!

Lucas was so proud that he was hanging upside down. 

And Isaac just loved all of the stumps. 

Lucas was in a picture-taking sort of mood.  

He kept gathering up Isaac and Preston and calling me to come over.

So we have a collection of Lucas-inspired photos. 

Always save the best for last!  Aren't they all so sweet?

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