Friday, July 14, 2017

At the park. Again.

The weather has been really great for the first two weeks of Summer vacation. We have absolutely nothing to complain about, and the forecast is for more sunshine for the next couple of weeks. It tried really hard to rain yesterday morning but the rainfall was negligible. 

I met #3 at one of favourite parks from last year and it did not disappoint. Everyone had fun blowing bubbles and playing with their friends. 

The children played on this hill more than they played on the swings, slides and climber but it was nice to have options. 

Every single one of these pictures of our group is slightly different. Baby decided that she didn't want her picture taken so she is behind Sweet Pea. 

But she's still young enough that I can move slightly and she's in the pic. 

And really, in true 3 year old fashion.....even though she says no, she might mean yes after all.

They all make me smile. I'm never going to have a perfect picture of this many children, but they are going to have a lot of memories. 

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