Sunday, July 2, 2017


After a very fun day of visiting and swimming, we have a few guests who requested to sleep over. It was actually Baby's idea, and her sister and brother decided to join her. We spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening meeting a new baby (she's 5 months old) who is here from New York with her parents. They rented a food truck and they had an inground swimming pool so everyone was extremely happy and well fed.

We came home just after 7, and we watched a PVR'd America's Got Talent episode and everyone went to bed. 

Sweetheart decided to sleep in the Polly Pocket room tonight and she was the last one to fall asleep just after 10. I hear she had a little catnap this afternoon so that explains why it took her longer to go to sleep.

And Baby should have been the first one asleep because she only had a 45 minute nap, but I think she gets too excited when she's here.  We started bedtime at 8:30 but it took her just over an hour to fall asleep and now she is sideways in her bed. I will have to move her when I head to bed in the next few minutes. 

This little man was out like a light the minute his head hit the pillow at 9:30. Which means he was the first one asleep out of all three blessings. Aren't they all so very precious?  There's just something way too angelic about sleeping children. 

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