Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The magician

Here are the six children who traveled with me up to the Memorial Peace Park with me this morning. It was a beautiful day!

They thought it would be so fun to dance on the bandstand while we waited for the magician to get set up. As soon as Sweetheart saw me taking a picture, she posed for me. 

Ten children attempted to line up for me, and Baby wanted no part of it so she's walking away. 

Here's our group waiting for the show to begin. They were getting excited. 

My friend Sherry was sitting in front of us with her daycare children and I love this one of her seven, #3 and her seven, and my five all sitting and waiting. That's nineteen children between the three of us and they were all very well behaved. 

I love it when they all participate. The magician was asking them all to colour the pages of his colouring book by saying the magic word and using their finger as a magic wand.

Look at these beauties enjoying the show. Everyone really liked it, even though Baby will tell you she didn't. Lol. 

Fara went home and told her Mom that "No, I didn't see a magician, just an old guy." Well, I can tell you that this isn't an old guy, I don't even think he was 30. Kids are funny!

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