Friday, July 7, 2017

She had a wonderful day!

Baby started her third birthday by telling her Mommy, "I'm three today.  I don't have to have a nap any more." So that's what it means to her to turn three......and just in case anyone is wondering, she still is going to have a nap. She's the only one of the G family who still naps at three, but it will go on for a while longer. 

Miracle #3 left this morning to go to a stagette in Penticton, so she has asked me quite a few times, "Where's my Mommy?"  And I have answered her many many many times. Her Daddy took the day off (it's his birthday too) and he took his three children to the Spray Park before picking up pizza and bringing it over for lunch for all my daycare children. #3 made a cake last night for them to share and she was very pleased.

She was totally mesmerized by the flames when SIL was lighting the candles on the cake. 

And then he lit the sparkler and she moved to the back of her chair instantly. It was pretty cute. You can tell that she is quite fascinated.

After we all sang Happy Birthday to her, she just loved blowing out her candles!  She went home shortly after this to have a nap, before coming back for dinner and a sleepover. SIL had baseball practice with Grandson and so the girls are sleeping over so he didn't have to rush. They will head home first thing in the morning as Hubby and I have chiropractor appointments, and it sounds like SIL wants to do something fun with the blessings.  

We went to look for horses and ducks after dinner.

And she was in another very cooperative mood to take pictures. 

They make my heart smile.  I love being a Grandma!

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