Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

What a beautiful Summer Day!  We spent the morning at home getting a few chores done, and then went out for lunch at The Swiss Chalet. We don't go there very often now that it has moved to Port Coquitlam, and we rarely go there for lunch. It was okay.....nothing great, but it filled the empty spot in our stomachs. 

It was 24 degrees with a nice breeze blowing. The Royals played the best team in the tournament from White Rock who have been practicing for 2 months already. Our boys were totally outplayed and they lost 18-5. Grandson received MVP of the game, so he was very excited and proud. 

Can you see her brother running from third base to home?

After the game, we were invited over to the G family's house for a barbecue. It gave me an opportunity to take a few Canada Day pictures.

I think that this is the one where their personalities totally shine. Exuberant, sassy, and serious. It shows their true colours. 

Another family picture two weekends in a row. But this time with the dog. What a beautiful family who I love to the moon and back again. 

Hmmmm.......does she look like her Mommy?  I think so, but she is so much fairer so it confuses most people. I see a lot of #3 in her but I see a lot of my own Mom in her too. 

Auntie J came to watch ball and came over for the evening too.

A beautiful Mommy with her beautiful daughters. 

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