Friday, July 14, 2017

Grandson's day at the farm

Grandson spent the day with his friends who live on a farm. This is probably less than three kilometers from his house, and I know I always say that we live in the country, but we live in the suburbs. It is amazing how close we are to all the farm life though. 

He spent the night and then he had all day to play. Here he is in the pond with his friends. I think it looks like a big mud puddle, and there is no way that I would ever go in but this just makes me smile. 

His friends went right on under. As you can see, my conservative serious boy did not. I will have to ask him later if he even considered it. If you knew Grandson like I know Grandson, you would be as surprised as me that he went into it at all. I'm so proud that he did!

I guess that the cows blocked them on a little island in the middle of the river, and they had to wait for them to move before they could get back to dry land. 

They ended their day by playing in the river. He was so excited when his Mom picked him up with stories of going swimming in their inground pool, going in the pond and river, and chasing snakes and frogs. I'm sure he has lots more to tell, but I hear that he was in the shower getting ready to go to baseball practice. What a day!

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