Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No one there!

We headed to the park at 8:20 this morning, before Aubrie and Lukas even arrived. And we were the only ones there!  Well, they were the only children in the playground. There were lots of people walking their dogs, a few ladies walking their babies, and there was a workman cleaning the bathroom and picking up garbage.

But these three guys had the playground to themselves. It was so nice!

First stop was the rollers. It was very important to Lucas to match up all the penguins before moving on. 

She never really stopped running for the first 20 minutes or so.

It's a really nice playground. I actually ended up sitting on a bench because the sight lines were so good. 

They always pretend that this is some kind of space ship.  There is one at the elementary school that they play on quite regularly. 

Pow-wow at the end of the slide. I cannot count how many times that they went up and down. 

They all make my heart smile. I love how they take care of one another. 

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