Wednesday, July 5, 2017

That was fun!

It was a beautiful evening to watch a ball game.  It was almost too hot, but we must never complain about the heat. And now that it is Summertime, they are a traveling team. We went out to North Burnaby to watch a stupendous game! Grandson's team beat the other team 7-6.

Sweetheart told us to come up on the hill where she was playing with friends because, "It's a really nice view." This was taken right after Grandson got his third hit of the game, which hit the fence. He played an amazing game!  And I'm not just saying that because I'm his Grandma. 

Here he is in 'baseball ready' position at first base. 

Can you see the fly ball up in the trees?  I know it's kind of hard to see. 

He caught it and the runner was out. He is just so fun to watch!

There was this little hill just behind where we were sitting that kept all the younger brothers and sisters busy while their parents were watching the game. Sweetheart told her Mommy that she needed to come up too.

Cool silouettes, don't you think?  Too bad that you can see the tops of the lights from the soccer field but I think it turned out cool. 

It was a really steep hill, and they kept coming down it on their bottoms. Once I was up there, I totally understood why, as I went around to the other side to come down because it wasn't as much of a drop-off. Baby was wearing white'll be interesting to see if they ever come clean. We sure did have fun tonight!

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