Saturday, January 27, 2018

50 years of hockey

Today was a very special day in Maple Ridge because they were celebrating 50 years of Minor Hockey. Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey Association began in 1968, and so today they had a celebration.

Hubby has been a hockey coach since 1971 and as soon as we moved here in 1980, he went on to volunteer in his new home town. Everyone always thought it was odd that he coached hockey when his own children didn't play, but he started coaching before he had children. And he will always tell you that he quit in 1983 because his wife nagged him to.  Not really true, but I did have to remind him that I was at home with three little ones (#3 being a newborn) while he went to spend time with other people's children. He always coached Novice boys because he said it was before it got too political. 

So he took a break, went back in the 90's for a few more years and then went on to coach Midget girls in 2003.  This is actually the only decade since the 70's that he hasn't coached a team. He has really fond memories of his coaching days, and we went down to Planet Ice a couple of times today. Both times he had some memorabilia to share, and RMMHA members were very excited to see it. 

Hubby was very happy to meet Brendan Morrison and get his autograph. Sweetheart and Beauty came back with us at 4 o'clock because we are babysitting tonight. Their brother has plans with his lacrosse team as they are playing in between periods at the Stealth game. He and some of his team mates and their parents had dinner plans first, so we picked up the blessings on our way back to the Arena. 

When we were here earlier in the day Malcolm Williams from the Toronto Argonauts was sitting and signing autographs, but when we came back there was an Olympian at the table. Beauty didn't want her picture taken, but she was happy to talk to the important people who she didn't know were important. 

Tristan Smyth was such a nice young man, and so humble. He was so kind to the blessings. 

And he had a real bronze medal, which was very impressive!

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