Saturday, January 27, 2018

Splendid evening!

Grandson is wearing a blue jersey and he is #15. I know that these aren't the best pictures because they were taken from so far away, but #3 has already apologized for the poor quality. I think they turned out great considering that they were from her phone. 

This is a wonderful experience for Grandson and his team mates. SIL taped the whole thing and I look forward to seeing it one day.

The team and their families were in one of the boxes at The Langley Events Center....I know that she said the pictures are from far away, but it's a great view of the field!

She makes my heart smile.....she's a really good little player.

These little princesses are new, and she absolutely loves them. 

Sweetheart decided that she wanted to sleep in the Mickey Mouse bed tonight. And she's sleeping like a baby.....she usually does.....and she always tells us how much she loves sleeping!

Can you see the little Belle doll in Beauty's right hand?  We read two new Llama Llama books and she brushed her teeth, and then she asked me if she could sleep with one of the new little princesses. How could I say no? She hasn't even moved since she fell asleep at 8:30 but I do need to take it out of her hand before I go to bed. She was not impressed that her sister wasn't sleeping with her tonight.....I almost thought she was going to cry. She didn't, but she definitely expressed her displeasure. Such a sweet, funny little girl.....she definitely knows what she wants when she wants it!

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