Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A blast from the past

I know that these aren't the best quality but it's because they are pictures of pictures. I did this before we took them to Planet Ice to be scanned on Saturday, with a whole bunch of game sheets and other paraphernalia. Hubby has a lot of memories, but it really wasn't as much as I thought he had. 

This was his first year coaching in Maple Ridge....he remembers the name of a couple of the boys but we figured out that they would all be 45 or 46 years old now. 

My sister helped him as an assistant for a couple of years. We donated Hubby's hockey jacket to RMMHA on Saturday and that made us wonder if my sister still owned hers. She said that she does. It's from her hockey days in Port Moody and she also told me that she has a Peter Puck one as well. It would be a boys Size 12, and she said that she weighed 94 pounds. 

These boys would just be a little older than Miracle #1. It's too bad that Hubby didn't write the names of the boys down, as he really only remembers a couple of them. When I talked to my sister on Sunday she says she doesn't even remember this era in her life....she has had two concussions (car accidents) and the ages between 17 and 29 are completely blocked out. I didn't know that. 

Here is the one and only picture that Hubby could find from the 90's even though he knows that he coached for another 3 years. 

His friend convinced him to come and help him coach his step-daughter in 2002, and these girls were ages 13-20.  It was a whole new experience for Hubby but he did it for 3 years and he really enjoyed it. 

Once a coach, always a coach. I know he hasn't coached a hockey team since 2006, but it was a lot of fun on Saturday, and it's been a lot of fun taking this little trip down Memory Lane. 

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