Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another busy Tuesday!

We always begin our Tuesday by going to Music Class, and then by the time we come home and have a snack, it's time to change baby's diapers, give bottles and put two girls to bed. We have lunch by 11:45 and the two little boys are usually sleeping by 12:15-12:30. Everyone plays hard and they all sleep for two to three hours. Sweet Pea and Preston play quietly for the most part because they know that everyone is sleeping. We read books and have a fair amount of conversation, but they really do just like to play independently with dolls and cars. 

We got outside by 3 o'clock today and it was cool, but very refreshing. As the little boys tell me all the time, "No running in the house, only outside." Doesn't mean that they always abide by this rule, but they were quite excited that we were able to get outdoors so that they could run. The babies just love to watch the big kids play and they are very sweet. And as often as Everly doesn't really smile, her friend Shelby does. They are very good babies, and I appreciate how easy-going that they both are. 

Everly was so excited to get on the tricycle. She really wants to be a big girl.....and I told her that I was okay with her being a baby. She could make the tricycle go pretty good as long as it was going backwards. 

I am very appreciative of Miracle #4's help with all these sweet little children. And he says it's okay to hang out a couple of days a week with us. 

These next few pictures are funny. I couldn't pick a favourite because none of them are great. 

But I like all of them. It's our Tuesday/Thursday group of children, and they keep us busy from the time they arrive until the time they leave. 

It's pretty much impossible to get seven children in a picture and get them all looking in the same direction. 

But that's okay.....it's just nice to have the memory so that they all remember their friends. This little group of children are really good children.....yes, they all have behaviors, but the negative ones are getting less and less as they get older. 

We came in around 4:15 after Mason, Sweet Pea and Finn had left. Preston and Lukas played air hockey with #4 while these two had a bottle.  Neither of them have really wanted their bottles in the past couple of weeks, but today they each had two. And they loved them. It's fun to watch them interact together.....they really like each other. Everly has started to babble and say words while Shelby seems so much younger than her friend. She is bigger but younger, and I already think that they will be good friends. 

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