Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lacrosse and hockey

Grandson had a 9 am lacrosse game this morning and I think we were all surprised that it wasn't cancelled. It was pouring rain and it was on a grass field, not turf. 

#3 parked close enough to the field to watch the game from her van, whereas I brought my Under The Weather pod and put it to the test. Sweetheart was more than happy to stay in the nice warm van with her Mommy, but Beauty wanted to come and sit in 'Grandma's tent.'  So that is exactly what she did. 

It was cold and wet. And because I sat in it with my lawn chair, we opened up the flaps so we could see the game. We stayed fairly dry and fairly warm, but I didn't wear my winter coat so that was my downfall. And we needed gloves and we would have been fine. Beauty sat on my knee for a fair bit and she helped keep me as warm as I could be. This was my view for most of the game. Grandson scored a goal in his team's 8-6 win!

And then Grandson had a hockey game in Coquitlam at 1:15. It's my favourite arena to watch hockey in. Here is Grandson and some of his teammates waiting for the referee and linesmen to show up so they could go out in the ice. 

Beauty loves her Daddy.  She was attempting to get his attention here, and when she did, he made a face at her. Her Daddy makes faces all the time...we are all used to him doing that.

Auntie K came out to watch and she was showing Beauty how to send emoji texts to me. They were very invested as to which ones to choose. 

It was a fun game to watch and it ended in a 4-4 tie. Great game Rustlers!

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