Wednesday, January 31, 2018


This is very true.  We even talked a little bit about this at Bible Study last night....about how we can read a piece of scripture and how it means different things to different people. And how when we are 20 and we read something and then when we are 40 and read the same thing, it can mean two different things. I think as we get older, we look at things a lot differently than when we younger. It doesn't mean it's right or's just all about perspective. 

And a positive attitude gets you further in this life than a negative one. Just saying. 

These pictures showed up on the City of Maple Ridge's Facebook page. I don't remember them being taken, but I remember the photographer that was there taking pictures. I used to be a cub leader and I recognized him as one of the Dads of a couple of Cubs who were in our pack. 

And we had a really nice little conversation with this football player who won the Grey Cup in 2017. It's a funny picture of really unflattering. But it's a good one of Hubby and Malcolm Williams. 

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