Monday, February 26, 2018

Birthday weekend

Well, that weekend went by fast!  They all do, but this one seemed faster. I'm back to sleeping like I think I live in eastern Canada. It kind of just started happening while the Olympics were on, but for the past weekI have been waking up at 3 in the morning.......and I always try to go back to sleep.....but I usually just lie awake and ponder life. It means that by 9 o'clock at night I am ready for bed. And by 10, I'm usually there because I can't keep my eyes open. That's what happened last night. After we came home from the G house, it wasn't long before I just went to bed.  

Yesterday was busy. We went to church and listened to an excellent sermon about hearing. Did you know that there is a huge difference between hearing and listening? I always have, but it was very interesting to hear the message from the perspective of a parable. We stayed for lunch because there was the AGM at noon.......which started on time and ended just before 2, which was on time as well. I always like it when that happens. 

I walked home in the glorious sunshine to Hubby just finishing up the vacuuming before we went the get our weekly groceries. He didn't stay for the meeting, he never does and so he came and did some housework. After we went to Langley Farms and Superstore it was almost time to get going over to the G house as they had made me a birthday dinner. #3 made lasagna, salad and garlic bread and it was so delicious. She told me that she knew I didn't have a favourite meal, just anything that I didn't have to cook....she knows me very well. I appreciate eating and I especially appreciate anyone else's cooking but my own. Last night, it was Evening #3 for not cooking dinner and that's a perfect birthday weekend!  The blessings were so was cute.....and after playing board games until almost 9 we headed home and Hubby went to watch a show while I attempted to stay awake on the couch. Didn't work as I headed to bed around 10. 

My youngest blessing was very insistent that she needed to wear the mermaid towel after her bath. She's so determined....and usually her sister is too, but Sweetheart was good about sharing last night. I have found that since Christmas they get along very well, and it's really cute to watch and listen to. 

"I'm a mermaid Grandma!" Even under the hood, she's smiling. 

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