Friday, February 2, 2018

Another rainy Friday

I'm not supposed to complain about rain, but my children are missing the outdoors. I was feeling pretty grateful this morning that I didn't have to go out at 8:15 because it was torrential, but it still doesn't make it easy if you are two or three. I keep telling all of them that they need to bring their muddy buddies. 

These four little guys were more than happy to sit for me and have their picture taken. Aren't they precious?

Lukas and Shelby lasted a whole one second but Sweet Pea and Finn would have sat longer. 

There was no way that Aubrie was going to sit with her friends. 

Shay would have, but she didn't come until after 10. We've missed her!

Sweet Pea must be growing. She fell asleep on the floor at 11:45 and Shay and I woke her up at 12:45. She wasn't very happy about that but I knew that she still needed to go to bed at a decent time tonight. 

And I wake this guy up every day that I need to pick up after-schoolers. I swear he would sleep all day if I let him. And he has no problem going to bed every would think that at just-turned-three that he would be outgrowing his afternoon nap. But no, not yet!

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