Monday, February 12, 2018

Family Day

I started the day at the Vancouver Aquarium. Miracle #3 and I took a couple of blessings downtown, and Sweetheart was so excited because it was a 'Girls Day'. It was 25% off of memberships because of Family Day and I had a $100 gift card that I have had since June so I spent $68 on a years membership for two adults and five children.  It was good, but it was busy......we waited for just over an hour to get in because I think that most of Vancouver had the same idea. 

And I ended the day celebrating two very special birthdays for my very special little sisters. They say that this is the first time since we have had Family Day that it has fallen on their birthdays. And now it has been changed to the third weekend in February, and it will never happen again. We had a wonderful evening with delicious food and great conversation. It was a really nice Family Day and I am off to bed. I love my family!

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