Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It was a Grandma day!

Lukas and Shelby were feeling better but they still stayed home today.....which meant that Sweet Pea and I had the day to ourselves. She was very pleased to have her cousin join us for egg mcmuffins and a play at the Play Place. 

I know that these are not very clear but they are just so cute. Her Mommy had just texted me to ask if she was behaving and she peeked around the corner to tell me to tell her Mommy, "Yes." The blessings had a really fun time as this is somewhere where we had never been before.  It was small, but it was still a great little place to play. 

We arrived just after 10 and it took at least 15-20 minutes to eat. There was a group of four moms outside the glassed in area having a wonderful time visiting and ignoring their four children in the play place. Now until I took the blessings in to play, I was very unaware how little these toddlers were. They couldn't have even been two. They came into get their children at 11:20....yes, we were still there because my granddaughters were having such a wonderful time. But I just found that really really strange. The blessings were pretending to be princesses and they were interacting with the little ones quite a bit. But until we arrived, they were all just sitting looking at one another. The little girl who is laughing at Beauty is non-verbal (they all couldn't talk) but they were all liking my two. And as soon as these four left, two more came in and they got left while their moms went to get food. They didn't stay as long, but they still got left in the play place without any supervision. Must be something that people do in Langley. 

It started snowing just after 1 in Langley, which means it was probably at the same time in Maple Ridge. The flakes were tiny but they were sticking to the grass by the time we had to go get Tai and Mason. 

These two love their dollies and they promised me that they would carry them to the school and back. 

But their hands got guess who ended up carrying the dollies?  If you guessed that it was me then you would be right. 

I only had one blessing that would agree to take another picture. In the next few minutes she was having a meltdown because her hood fell off and her braids were getting wet. Three year olds are very entertaining!

Sweetheart joined us after school for some playtime today. 

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