Wednesday, February 28, 2018


It snowed on Friday....a lot!  Pretty Girl wasn't feeling well that day so I didn't have to drive in it. She stayed with her Nana and Papa, but as it turned out Miracle #2 got off early and I wouldn't have had to go pick her up anyway. It's not like I couldn't have, because my van would have done fine in it.....but I was okay with not having to out driving. People in the Lower Mainland are not good at driving in the snow! So it's not me that I worry about, it's everyone else. 

Miracle #3 still had after school pickups though, and she walks to the school. She also pushes a stroller so that is just a bit tricky. She said it wasn't too bad.....just the school yard was a mess....the sidewalk was okay. She said she had traction so the stroller wasn't as hard to push as it could have been. She also had a neighbour come down the sidewalk with a little tractor and plow around 1 o'clock so that was something she had never seen before! It certainly helped.  

Snow is fun if you are a kid. And all of the little ones had a great time playing in it! The best part about February snow is that it isn't really that cold out to play in. Kids are way more resilient than me, but on Saturday there were people in shorts out shoveling. Even I had to take off my jacket when I was that means it was pretty nice. On Saturday. On Friday it was cold.....but only -1 degree.....that's almost balmy compared to the rest of Canada. 

Happy smiles!

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