Thursday, February 15, 2018

Party Day

I decided to have our Valentine's Day party today. With a Pro-D on Tuesday and low numbers on Wednesday, it just made more sense. And because today is Flag Day and tomorrow is Chinese New Year's Day, it made even more sense to join them all up and have one big celebration.

I ordered heart cookies from the bakery and picked them up last night around 5:30. I guess they could have re-sold them many times over for double or triple the price. Finn brought more this morning to share with his friends so we have lots. And Preston and Everly gave everyone one in their goodie bag, so I guess that great minds think alike. Lukas and Shelby brought a heart-shaped plate full of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries which was a big surprise when I was unpacking their bag. Lukas is sick today, he has a fever of 103.....which totally explains his weepy behaviour yesterday. He's always so helpful and obedient, so I figured something was up. He was very sad that he was missing the party. Poor little guy. 

I asked for everyone to wear red. Don't they all look wonderful?  I love the colour red. 

Thanks to Miracle #4's help we were able to get a couple of okay group shots. Two out of twenty isn't bad. Lol. 

I set up a Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year's Day themed water table after the babies went to bed, and Preston, Finn and Sweet Pea had a whole lot of fun. I think that I overdid it....I probably didn't need to add half of the stuff that I bought. It looks a little bit crowded. 

The children didn't care....they still had an hour of fun!

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