Friday, February 16, 2018

Gong Xi Fat Cai

Today is Chinese New Year's.  It's a different day every year and other than saying Gong Hay Fat Choy to the children and explaining a little bit about being Chinese, we don't do much. I have made Chinese food and given out loonies in red envelopes in previous years but not every year. I couldn't find red envelopes this year.....not that I tried really the children received chocolate coins in their treat bags yesterday.  We never acknowledged the day when I was young but my Dad did give out a few red envelopes to my miracles a long time ago. He explained that red envelopes are given to the unmarried and when he was a boy he received lots of red envelopes, usually filled with $2 bills and sometimes $50 bills because red is a lucky colour. The Chinese have a lot of superstitions and good luck/bad luck traditions and it sounds like it was better than Christmas if you were living in the Chinese community. Jade brought me a red envelope with a toonie in it and we chatted a little bit about her Chinese customs because she is half-Chinese like me. Sounds like they don't do too much either to celebrate.  But like all cultures, it's fun to educate and remember.....I only have 4 children attending Daycare today and we will continue where we left off yesterday. Gong Xi Fat Cai!

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