Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Funday

I only had after-schoolers today which meant that between 8:25 and 2:20 I was free. I still went to the Gym though....I have to open it up and I really do love to see everyone. 

Beauty and I were there for 10 minutes or so before anyone else arrived. We took out the scooters and she had lots of fun. 

Of course it was way more exciting once the other children arrived. DIL was getting all of her steps in before 10 o'clock this morning. She pulled these happy children around and around and around!

We had a small group today. Sherry only brought three little ones, Sweet Pea came with her Mommy and even though Beauty always rides over from the school with me, she was really with her Mommy and four little friends. In all fairness, Leighton and Sadie never even came until it was almost time to leave, so it was a fairly low key easy hour at the Gym. Especially for me!

I had my follow-up surgery appointment just after noon and it went really well. They took out all of my cancer, but unfortunately there are 2 mm of pre-cancerous cells that came back in the pathology report. It was recommended that I go in for another surgery, which was scheduled for this Friday. This time it will be very quick and very easy, and yes I know that it is precautionary but it needs to be done. So Friday it is!  Not looking forward to the surgery.....mostly just the anesthetic...but I have to do what I have to do. 

The receptionist called this afternoon to tell me when my appointment with the Cancer Agency will be and to which hospital that I will be going to, and she said never in the 20 year history of her working for this Doctor had this happened that someone had gotten in so quickly. I did a little arrow prayer, but like I said before, God and I have this!  It's February 28th, just in case anyone wants to know. It will just be a consultation with another specialist and he will give me more information as to when I can start my radiation. Still doesn't sound like I will need Chemo but I will let the experts decide what is coming next. And it sounds like radiation is still a couple of months away, so I have lots of time to plan. It's a lot to process, but nothing like last time. But it's all good. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

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