Monday, February 26, 2018


Monday's are way too easy, but after a busy weekend I appreciate it. It didn't rain or snow today and for that I am grateful. The snow/rain is forecast for during the night though, so I would prefer rain to snow please.  Just in case anyone cares.....

Aubrie always sleeps for 3 hours and Beauty came over for the afternoon and entertained me. We read a lot of books and she played with the ponies for quite some time. When I went to put Aubrie into the van so we could go pick up the big boys from school, she smiled and waved at me from the window. Such a cute little three and a half year old!

And after we picked up our boys they were so excited to bop each other around with the balloons. So I sent them outside while Beauty and I watched them from the window. The ponies watched too. Lol. 

Boys are funny. At least that is what Beauty tells me.  I think that she's funny. 

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