Monday, February 5, 2018

Surgery Day

I had a lumpectomy on Thursday, January 18th. Hubby and I got to RCH just before 7, we went to Patient Registration and then waited for Breast Imaging to open. I had a 7:45 appointment to have a wire biopsy done and a new mammogram with the wire. Fun, fun and more fun. No, not really but you do what you gotta do, right?  Angela was my technician and she was very lovely...talking and explaining everything as it went along. The radiologist placed the wire in my lump with local freezing and it didn't even hurt. These professionals really do know what they are doing. This took almost an hour because I had to wait for the pictures to be processed so I could take them to my Dr at the Surgical Centre down the road.

Hubby and I walked over to the private clinic and arrived just before 9. My surgery was scheduled for 10:15 and it didn't take long for the very nice nurse to take me down to my room to change and get prepped for my operation. 

This is where we we spent just over two hours, because my surgery was late. I sat in that comfy chair in the corner and Hubby sat in that hard but okay chair in the left of the picture. 

This was my view...the door on the right was my private bathroom and the door on the left is the one to the hallway. Hubby and I visited while nurses came in to take my temperature and blood pressure, and to pre-administer pain medication. The anesthesiologist came in to chat, the Doctor came in to explain my procedure and it actually went by quite fast.

It helped to have the television to watch some sports highlights because it just made waiting easier. Hubby was getting hungry so he was happy to leave at around 11:15 when they came to get me to walk down to the operating room. And yes, operating rooms look exactly like they do on TV but this one had a lot of natural light because it had windows. I remember looking at the clock at just after 11:30 as I went under and I woke up just before 2 in Recovery. Like all operations that I have had, this one was no different because I always feel nauseous. But this is the first time that I didn't throw up so I was extremely proud of myself. All that deep breathing that I have learned at yoga really helped.  That and a funny little trick that my recovery nurse taught me and that was to smell an alcohol wipe. He told me it tricks my brain and he was very right. Hubby came back down to see me around 2:30 when I was brought back to my room.....and we left Royal City Surgical Centre just after 4. All in all, it really was a very good experience, if you can call surgery good.....I stopped feeling nauseous at around 10:30 that night and I got out of bed to eat just as my emotionally spent husband was crawling in. I took Tylenol and Advil for 4 days and I really feel quite wonderful. I never really felt as much pain as I did discomfort. 

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