Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Aquarium

Once we waited our hour to get into the Aquarium yesterday, it was crowded but not as crowded as Disneyland. Sweetheart and Beauty loved their entire experience. Beauty was quite intrigued with the touch pools in Clownfish Cove.

She especially liked the x-ray machine. And feeding her otter. 

Sweetheart has always enjoyed Clownfish Cove.  It's usually the first place she asks to go and it's usually difficult to get her to leave. She gets her little apron and her instruction card and it never gets old. She will do it over and over, and it was fun to watch Beauty copy her sister and get really interested as well. 

The wet lab was open because it was Family Day. 

It was for Members Only so it wasn't too busy and Sweetheart received lots of one-on-one attention. She enjoyed herself and was quite fascinated by the sea cucumber. It breathes out of its bum, which is always an interesting trivia fact to know!

They are so special! I love them to the moon and back again!

It was quite chilly outside so there weren't as many people to maneuver through. Photo-op!  Sweetheart was very happy to be taller than the emperor penguin this year!

They have a new sea lion exhibit too!

And this little harbor seal really liked our blessings. 

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