Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Well, I don't know if this works but it couldn't hurt. The cold and flu season is definitely upon us and some of my little ones have suffered. Preston and Everly had a rough December/January, and Lukas and Shelby have had a rough February. Because of my surgeries and appointments this has actually worked in my favour a couple of times. Less children attending Daycare is very helpful to getting alternate care and subs. I had my follow-up surgery appointment yesterday and was relinquished as a patient from my surgeon/oncologist. I have no cancer left in my body. Of course, I still have my big Cancer Agency appointment today and Hubby has taken the day off to take me and support me. This is going to take two or three hours and it's a lot of information to absorb and he's been advised to bring a paper and pen. I'm looking forward to getting a treatment plan in place and knowing what's coming next. It sounds like it will just be radiation for three weeks, but until I actually go visit the experts, I really don't know. I'm looking very forward to getting all of my questions answered.

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