Thursday, March 1, 2018

It's sunny today!

It's supposed to be sunny today with the rain heading back by tomorrow morning, and it sure is gorgeous outside. It's 9 degrees and #4 took Mason, Sweet Pea and Preston to the playground while Everly finishes up her nap. She went to bed just before 11 and should be awake soon. Then we are going to meet the rest of our gang and we'll head out to a different park that is more toddler oriented. We certainly can't stay inside on a day like today. I'm down in numbers again because Shelby is still sick, Lukas stayed home with her and Finn is enjoying some family time. It was a half day at school because of Parent Teacher conferences so we picked up Mason at 11:30. 

Miracle #3 met me at the library with her little ones and there wasn't very many children there this morning. I'm sure they must have been enjoying the sunshine. 

Sally's back. She's one of our favourite storytelling ladies. 

It went by very quickly. Her theme was outer space and she had lots of songs and finger plays. 

This one makes me smile.  Little M is 19 months and she was done. She wasn't complaining but she was tired. 

Sunny days make my flowers look prettier than normal. These are from Miracle #2 and his family for my birthday on the weekend! 

My tulips still look beautiful. 

And this orchid is from January. Still looking beautiful!

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