Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Terrific Tuesday!

The rain held off until just after 3, so Spider-Man and Spider-Man got a little bit of outdoor time before it began. These guys had lots of fun with the dress up box today. 

Everly's a really good climber and she's getting more mischievous as she is getting older. If she could have gotten higher, then she would have. Luckily she couldn't.  

If they could actually talk then I am sure that Everly is trying to convince Shelby to come up with her. She would be telling her to try it, it's easy. Shelby wanted no part of it.....she wouldn't even hold onto the bars and stand up. 

These two cousins played ponies, dolls, Barbies and dress-up today. Sweetheart is the nurse and Sweet Pea and her baby have come to visit because they aren't feeling well.

The nurse had lots of questions for her patients. And she was sure to write everything down. 

They were awfully cute. And they sure had a good time together. Today was a very good day for my first official work day of Spring Break. 

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