Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The sun deck

It was nice enough to open up the French doors and play on the sun deck this afternoon.  I often refer to it as my big giant playpen. It was nice enough to use it on a couple of days last week too.

The children are always so pleased when they can go outside and play on the deck. It's a real novelty in the Spring months because we haven't used it all Winter. 

This little two year old is pretty cute. He's been wowing me with all his number recognition lately. He knows them all and can count to twelve. He tells me that his birthday is on July 23rd and that he's going to go see Paw Patrol in March. He told me today that it is in nine sleeps and you know, he's probably right. For a little boy that the "experts" were so worried about when he was 14 months old and not saying any words, he has certainly caught up to his peers. Perhaps he's even passed them.

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