Tuesday, March 6, 2018


The sun has appeared for a little bit in the past week and we all enjoy it when that happens. It's interesting to watch how everyone dresses so differently.....from shorts and t-shirts for some of the warm-blooded and the brave, to winter coats and boots for the rest of us who are still cold. Because I am always so cold, I know that I tend to overdress the children but that's just the way that I am. 

Everly was the the only baby in attendance on Thursday but there is no convincing her that she's a baby. She walks and runs, and she has several words to go along with her babble.  At 15 months, she's still quite serious by nature, but her smiles are more plentiful these days. She sleeps a lot....at least when she is at Daycare. But at this particular moment, she was the only one awake.

These two friends fell asleep coming home from the park at 3:30. They never sleep during the day.....I cannot think of the last time that Preston dozed off while he's been in my care. Sweet Pea woke up after about half and hour, whereas I had to wake Preston up around 4:20 as it was time to go in the house because it was getting cold. Not that he cared.....but I did. They are just so precious when they are sleeping.....I love them to the moon and back again.  

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