Saturday, March 3, 2018


Yesterday would have been Dr Seuss's 118th birthday. We read a lot every day and I tried to read some Dr Seuss yesterday, but he was won over by Anna Dewdney who wrote the Llama Llama series. Tai is reading now and it was fun to hear him sound out the words and read to his friends.  He was reading Pete the Cat which is another favourite book, and it is written by Eric Litwin.

Never stop reading!  It was always one of my favourite things do do when I was a child and it still is as an adult. Our two oldest miracles loved it as well, and we spent a lot of time at the library when they were younger because of their love of reading. Our younger two didn't love it as much, but they still came along and joined in. We all would take out armfuls for a month before going back to get more. 

And now our three oldest blessings are also reading books. Sweetheart has learned how to put the letters together into words and she is always sitting with a book in her hand right now. It makes my heart smile every time I see any child look at books because it is a lifelong activity. I like that whenever we go into a book store that they all get excited. Hubby and I spend hours in bookstores......although I learned a long time ago that libraries are cheaper, bookstores are just so fun to go and explore.  

Pretty Girl is performing at The Act In April with her Showstoppers group and they are doing Seussical the Musical. We are looking so forward to it!  

When we went to pick Pretty Girl up from school yesterday we had a few minutes to spare and we went inside because it was raining. As we sat in the front entrance we listened to the announcement that came over the PA and they announced that Pretty Girl and her class had won the door decorating contest for the primary grades. The cheer that erupted from her classroom could be heard from where we were sitting, and we didn't even hear who won in the intermediate grades. We walked over to have a look and take a picture before the bell went.....and we all decided that it was magnificent. Sweet Pea decided that there was a lot of Marshalls from Paw Patrol!  Pretty Girl's dog is the grey one on the very far left on the bottom......and just in case anyone was wondering, the dalmations are not Marshall. 

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