Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Double digits!

Grandson turned ten years old today and it was another rainy day, just like last year. And it was a week day which was also Sweetheart's first scheduled softball game.  Just like last year. 

He calls himself a mini coach because his Dad is an assistant coach and he is his Dad's helper. It was pouring rain out and I was just a little surprised that they practiced and played a full two innings. No one complained though and their energy and their enthusiasm was high. 

After his sister's ball game, we went back to his house for presents and cake. He is still due for a family party and his friends party but #3 and his sisters made him a cake to have with us and his Gramma Anne. They all had pizza before the game before we met them back at the house. He was pretty excited to receive his nerf gun that he asked for, because he was very aware of how much it cost.  Hubby claimed it was the first gun he had ever bought for anyone in his life, but when we found it on for half price at Superstore at the end of January, we just couldn't resist. He sure was happy!

It was amazing!  And he was so pleased. 

Nailed it!  It's a show that Sweetheart watches on Netflix and she was very pleased with her decorating job. Sweetheart and Beauty loved putting candy and sprinkles on their brother's cake. 

Happy Birthday to you!  There are way too many candies because every letter in Happy Birthday was a candle.  Sweetheart gets A for enthusiasm.

She is so dramatic. And so very fun to watch. Beauty is cute too, but she is actually quite a bit more subdued.

He enjoyed his day very much. Although he said that was sad that it was already over. 

Grandson is ten! These past ten years have gone by way too fast!  He is 58 inches tall and weighs 81-83 pounds, depending on the day. He fits Size 12-14 in clothing and Size 7 in footwear. He is so very kind and thoughtful, and so sweet and sensitive. I feel so privileged to be his Grandma and every teacher he has ever had has wanted to clone him. Even when his Mom popped by his classroom this morning, he was sitting at his desk doing his work while everyone else in the classroom was talking and waiting to talk to their teacher. His favourite subject is Math and that's understandable because he excels in it. He does well in all his subjects and is an all round nice guy who is smart and athletic too. He worries too much, but that's because he thinks too much. 

He blew out all 23 candles in one big breath. We just love him to the moon and back again!

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