Thursday, May 31, 2018


May was a very eventful month. I started my 16 radiation treatments on May 1st and I finished them on May 23rd. I requested the last appointment of every day and they said they did their best to accommodate me, but the schedule was all over the place. A few of my appointments were in the morning and the majority were in the afternoon, but it was a very crazy three weeks plus a day. I worked a lot of the mornings until noon or two o'clock, and a few days I didn't work at all. But it went by fast!

I feel very fortunate to have gone through it without any negative side effects. No bad sunburn. And no extra tiredness that doesn't come already with going to and from Abbotsford every day. I'm not sleeping very well but I still feel very blessed. The only reason that I'm not sleeping very well is because I started taking tamoxifen in mid-April and it has brought back all of the menopause symptoms that were actually just starting to disappear. Night sweats are not fun. At all! Hopefully, my oncologist is right and it will only be bad for the first couple of months and my body will adjust. I have an appointment with the Cancer Agency at the end of June and I will see what comes next. I'm actually not really sure, but I don't think my treatment plan will be too intense. 

And our weather in May has been soooooooo nice. There were a couple of hot days, but it has mostly been very pleasant. Three of the blessings are playing softball and baseball, and there hasn't been a single rain-out this month. I can't believe that it is June tomorrow!

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